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After sharing e-mail after e-mail with my mother's friends and family I decided that it would be more efficient to put this information on a blog so that it would be centrally located. Here you will find information mostly on Fredi Balzano's health struggles. Feel free to contact me with specific questions.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 18, 2007

Hello everyone and thank you for all your well wishes.

I wanted to let you all know what the last few days have been like. Pretty awful really.

As you know Dr. Fredi was admitted to the hospital on Sunday with a bowel obstruction that they were able to pretty much clear with a few enemas and heavy laxatives. She was to be released back to the nursing home yesterday and things were looking pretty good but on Monday night she suffered a pulmonary embolism which caused her to need intubation and relocation to the ICU. This has all been extremely scary for me and her her. The good part is that she couldn't talk. Yesterday she was stable and uncomfortable. Who can be comfortable with one tube down your throat and another down your nose to remove stomach contents. By yesterday afternoon she was breathing on her own and they removed the tubes. She is on heparin to thin her blood and help dislodge the clot. When she is released she will be given Coumadin for longer term use to prevent additional clots. This presents a whole host of additional challenges.

1. Coumadin causes weakness. I don't know how this will impact her PT.

2. Coumadin comes with a host of dietary restrictions. I'll let you all know what she can and can't have in a later note.

3. She will be a bleeder and cuts will be dangerous.

That's all I can think of right now but I know there are more. Just pray that when the course of Coumadin is complete she will not need additional clotting therapy. It is not something we want her to be on for life.

As of last night she was still in the ICU and receiving nebulizer treatments to clear the gunk from her lungs and her coughs were productive. They should be returning her to a regular room today. I don't know what her phone number will be or whether or not she will want to talk to anyone.

The good part, if there is one, is that when the embolism occurred she was in the hospital and didn't need transport. This could have critically delayed her care.

I will be at the hospital from around 11:30 to 1:45 when I will have to leave to take August to his swim class.

I am going to try to enjoy my day.


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